Why OPT? Top 4 reasons

Hello. I’m Dr. Carla Colella, DPT, OCS, and I know getting hurt sucks, admitting you need & subsequently asking for help can sometimes be worse. I’d like you to check out some foundational beliefs to Oconomowoc Physical Therapy (OPT), so you can begin to learn what this is all about.

  1. 1. It’s all about all of you. My most successful past clients really took to heart at least one thing I’ve taught them. Maybe it’s changing the way they do something many times a day. Maybe they realize how capable their body really is after being told they should never [bend, run, etc.] ever again. I don’t think PT is something you do passively for 4 weeks and then forget about. Meaningful changes take time, but they also take, well, meaning. I had a client ask me once how I ran my CRM data to always pull such a wide range of personal topics (where you vacation, what sports your kids play, etc.). I told him, “No CRM can replace good listening.” Those successful clients I opened with, the information that changed them did not come out of information shared on a health history. I’m not saying I need to know your life story, but I do believe a trusting two-way relationship can do wonders beyond “what stretches to do.” As a reader, you’ll find some of my posts have a little more integration into life & aren’t just the “do Y to fix Z” format. We do a lot of things different here at OPT & this is a reflection of treating you, the individual, not you, the guy with sciatica.
  2. 2. I work to improve quality of life. Of all the careers to choose, why PT? Like most PTs, I experienced it first hand in high school- after seeing a myriad of MDs first. My take away from the process (that hasn’t changed since) is that MDs jobs are to keep us alive (which is great- don’t get me wrong), but a PT helps you improve your quality of life. There are many professions that assist in the quality of life, I’m just happy to be one of them.
  3. Hurt people tend to become cranky people. I love seeing the transformation when people begin getting a good nights’ sleep, then being able to focus on their work, then be able to do the things they love. (& trust me, if I can see a difference in you, your family will too!)
  4. 3. Healthcare, reimagined. A few years ago, I tried to re-imagine healthcare from the ground up and think- what would I want? (and by extension, what does the average person in the community want?) This isn’t hypothetical. I love getting PT…or should I say, I love the way my body feels after PT. But in the traditional insurance-based model, I found the logistics of it such a hassle… yes, that thing I did, that I tried to convince everyone they needed, I found it a hassle. I understand the initial apparent inconvenience which is why I strive to deliver the most effective, efficient results & exceed expectations while doing so. No middle men. No unnecessary check ups. Top notch skill set. No lecturing. Flexible scheduling, even in-home visits. While I would love to clone myself to treat myself, there are others working in this model locally, sometimes even PTs need a little help, and I do appreciate this process MUCH better.
  5. 4. PT without injury? Normal vs Optimum. Wait Dr. Colella, why do you need PT? So. Many. Reasons. I could blame my 4 car accidents, my generally hypermobile body, my 4 other non-vehicle neck injuries (waves, etc), or having my two lovely children, but who knows? I do know that some of the hands-on techniques I use have been more helpful in reducing my anxiety than anything else I’ve tried (read: a lot). I look at my body and all the strong, capable things I can do. I am an older parent and I love being able to play and be active with my kids. When I look into the future, I want my body to be as independent as I can for as long as I can because, as stated earlier, I’m all about quality of life.
  6. “Need” is a relative term. I know my body functions better with PT. I move more fluid, I’ve got a little spring in my step. I’m in tune with when that gets off course, & I’m all about optimization…except for those times in my life I act like my clients and let other things in life force the physical issues to the back burner for the moment. In the short term, that’s surviving, it’s human. In the long term, that’s lowering a quality of life. I’m constantly amazed at what some clients have accepted to be “normal” & how hard they kick themselves when they realize they didn’t have to live that way for as long as they did. Even if it is just a nagging annoyance. I started offering the wellness visits for those people who don’t think their problem is bad enough to warrant PT, but just want something more in-depth than a massage. Many of us have an established primary care physician, an established dentist- why not an established physical therapist?
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