Drawing Parallels: 003- OPT and the 90’s Bulls

Have you been reflecting on trying to find some good that came out of 2020?

I’d like to remind you of a little documentary that aired way back in Q2, The Last Dance a.k.a the Michael Jordan story, and because I’m me, I’ll relate it to Oconomowoc Physical Therapy.

  1. While Jordan is the star of the show, I learned a lot about Phil Jackson. You are the star of your own physical therapy process, I’m just here to guide you.
  2. When Phil Jackson was a player in the 70’s NBA, he was a bit of a weird, hippy outsider, but he could still bring it inside the paint. Remember him in those overalls & cruiser bicycle? If you’ve been to my office, you may see where I’m going with this. I’m in socks a lot of the time. I hum when I’m in my groove. I don’t fit the khaki and polo shirt stereotype. From a assessment and treatment perspective- I bring it.

He was an outside the box kind of guy. Who brought in different philosophies, melded them together to meet the best needs of the players (or in my case, patients).

4. After his playing career, he had a coaching gig in Puerto Rico before the Bulls. The organization (Grrr, Jerry) didn’t hire a coach with previous championships under his belt. I worked all over the country before settling in lovely Oconomowoc. People who come see me aren’t coming for the name of the big organizations. The choice is mainly on potential. Thank you, I see the potential in you too, whether you’re a Jordan…or a Wennington.

I’d love to know your take away from the series or this post.

My goal is that some of the lessons learned at OPT carry over into other aspects of life, and encourage deeper thought as to why we do what we do.

As I evolve as one who treats the body, I believe in learning from my patients, and the world around us.

Please enjoy these stories from the inner workings of my PT brain & my years of experience.

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