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Did you know 20% of people who take up running sustain a running related injury in the first year? What is a good warm up? How much progression is too much? What about shoes? This guide addresses those concerns, but also includes a detailed step by step self assessment breaking down physical prerequisite components of a run.

We can read the stats, most Americans will experience an episode at some point, even us healthy ones. But right now if you are thinking: but not like this! This is insane- I must be dying! Do yourself a favor, put Dr. Google away & take a short read. While every body is different, our strategies to help pain can have a common foundation.

E-Course Coming Soon!

Breathe. Stand. Sit. Push. Pull. Lift. Rotate. Doesn’t sound to hard, does it? But can you seamlessly apply these mechanics to daily & novel motions?

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