Drawing Parallels: 002 -The PT & the Sommelier

While patients at OPT are generally happy with their results, one thing many of them can’t wrap their head around in 2021 is how I can know so much without imaging. While this can be a spinoff to other posts on overutilization of medical imaging, limitations of medial imaging, or our general reliance on technologyContinue reading “Drawing Parallels: 002 -The PT & the Sommelier”

Drawing Parallels-001- Nothing in Nature is Straight

Back when I was in undergrad, I worked as a “rehabilitation specialist” (which is a fancy way to say minimally trained staff) at a PT clinic. There was a patient who had a business in ocean salvage. I should mention, this was in Maryland. Other companies looked for metal, which I guess can be problematicContinue reading “Drawing Parallels-001- Nothing in Nature is Straight”