Physical Therapy Services

Back (& Neck) to Basics

Total spine care for your whiplash, sciatica, radiculopathy, acute strains, headaches & more.

All things Orthopedics

Treatment for your rotator cuff, meniscus tears, plantar fasciitis/fasciopathy, tennis elbow, bursitis & more.

Check Your Head

A must after head injury. Includes specific treatments for post-concussive syndrome (ocular motion guidance, etc) as well as the associated spine & extremity care.

“I’d been struggling with post-concussive syndrome for over 6 months and it was significantly impacting my ability to work and have a normal life. She treated me for a little over a month and with her help, my ability to work and still have the mental capacity to have a mostly normal life has been returned. Carla did a great job of listening to me and treated me”

-Sarah, 2018 (see Google for full review)

After Baby

OPT knows you are more than just your pelvic floor, and that the do-nothing-for-6 weeks-then-clear-for-everything plan leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

Because it’s not about getting your old body back, it’s about making sure you new body can do all the things you need it to.

3 ways OPT makes it easier for you

In-Home Visit

Can be added to any service. A approximate 7ftx 7ft clear area on a walk in level in required. Within city limits of Oconomowoc only.

OPT house call in-home concierge visit
Convenience, it’s not just for food delivery.

Supplemental Therapy

You already see a chiropractor, massage therapist, trainer, or even another physical therapist. They’re great. They’ve helped you a lot. They may even take your insurance. But you haven’t quite got where you want, or you wish they would do something different.

Therapy Example: Your back hurts because you’ve been walking in a boot. The place you’re going to is doing a great job on your ankle, and are a little hesitant to treat your back, because then your ankle might fall behind. What to do? Supplemental care at OPT. Care can be coordinated between us professionals, nobody’s feelings are getting hurt.

Wellness Example: You’ve been working with a trainer & coach, but you’ve hit a wall. You can get a Athletic Enhancement Assessment at OPT, find out where your weak links are, address them & power through to the next level back with your coach.

Band-Aide Therapy

Because sometimes you know you need more care, I know you need more care…it’s just not a good time & you can’t “power through” any more. No judgements.

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