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Sport Improvement Program assessing components of movement & athleticism, then using manual therapy & other treatments to fine tune your body & get the edge you need, because the difference between winning & losing sometimes happens in milliseconds.  Beta- tested in Pre-Covid 2020 for baseball, softball & golf, but can be applied to any athlete looking for an edge up.

“I can’t think of any sport that an athlete wouldn’t benefit from this program.”

-Brandon, D3 Football Coach

Tactile Stress Reduction. It’s 2021, we can stop pretending that the mind & body operate independently. Some people can get by with meditation & talk therapy; some people need a hands-on approach to bypass words & go way beyond a “deep tissue” massage into the deeper tissues that effect our nervous system. Best when used as an adjunct to your stress management plan, or can be a place to start, because, as previously stated…it’s 2021.

BFR: “feel the burn” at much lower intensities

BFR: Blood Flow Restriction. Have you hit a wall when it comes to your strengthening? Are you working out of a deficit? This is perfect for people who need strength to get their knees feeling better, but their knees can’t tolerate the workloads it takes to gain the strength. Specifically (with Doppler) calibrated to your needs.

Gut Check. Did you know restrictions in the tissue around our internal organs can mimic orthopedic pains, alter nutrient absorption & amp up our nervous system (& that’s the short list)? OPT can help with that. Currently enrolling trial treatment for those diagnosed with Covid-19 between March & December of 2020 still having symptoms.

COVID-19 long-hauler

Gait Analysis. Part of the Sports Improvement Program but can be a single session. A slow-motion video analysis looking at your whole body, not just your feet followed by indicated movement screens, feedback, tips, and a strange absence of shoe or orthotic sales. See the E-Resources section for Dr. Colella’s e-book for new runners.

In-home concierge visits (within City Limits of Oconomowoc)

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