Phrases I always say- 003: If you have a faulty foundation, you can get cracks in your attic

You can only get my so long with a not so stable foundation- Jenga, jenga

Many patients at OPT are not used to having someone mechanically look at their WHOLE body. I use this phrase often, the following story is when I used is most recently.

Guy comes in with neck pain, and sure, there’s some isolated neck dysfunction. But that neck dysfunction looks to just be compensating…hmm, for what? The investigation continues- Let’s look down the spine, and even further if we need to.

Oh, hey. This one knee can’t straighten all the way. What’s that you say? you hurt it a few years back, but left it out of your intake because you didn’t think it was pertinent? That’s okay, we found it anyway.

Sure it hurts to straighten it, but can you see how when you bend it, you weight bear on the outside of your foot, and your pelvis turn to the left. Let’s test how well you can turn that head to the right when we straighten the knee vs when we don’t. Oh, you can look further- let’s treat that knee then…yes, to address you neck pain. Foundation first.

If you are aware of you body, you can sense when things feel “off” before it gets to a pain threshold. At OPT, we treat the optimization, just an inkling, and full-blown painful condition so you can be better in your body…your whole body.

In this example, the feet were not an issue. Sometimes they are. Feeling your feet better, knowing if you are weightbearing “through the tripod” can help your back or knee pain (or other conditions) as well as your sport performance. It’s not an orthotic, just an insert that offers another way to improve your foundation. Learn more about Naboso inserts here.

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