When your pelvis keeps going “out”

Maybe you’ve been there. You get a specific area of pain and are diagnoses with SIJ dysfunction (a.k.a. sacroiliac joint pain). You either do a self mobilization from Dr. Google, or get it adjusted, and you feel much better…for a little bit.

What’s going on? A lot of times we aren’t asking the next question. Yes, your SIJ hurts…but why? This is not as easy of a question. Sometimes we have to look up and down the chain, as seen in the picture of the swing. The end of the sides of the swing look to be different heights, but the chain on one side is all kinked up. If you were to look at the swing from far away, you might only see the seat difference. Another “reason” people are often told is that they have a leg length difference. But again, are we taking this to the next question: do I appear to have a shorter leg because of some other kink in a chain, or is my actual bone shorter?

Getting the answers to these questions is why an exam and treatments are an hour long at OPT. We aim to get to the root of the why.

Taking it one step further for a total mind blow- the why might not be musculoskeletal at all. It might be a pull from a bladder ligament, or some other connective tissue pull. Good thing OPT knows you are a whole person who doesn’t function in isolated systems and treats, when appropriate, with visceral manipulation.

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